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Welcome to Paratrooper.org, home of the Greater Hartford Airborne Chapter Inc. of the 82nd Airborne Division Association Inc.

Our membership is comprised of Paratroopers, current and past, who are Airborne qualified regardless of unit affiliation. Many of our members have served in combat in Asia, Europe, Korea, Viet Nam, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and some continue to do so in the war on global terrorism. We have over 230 life members and we welcome any and all Airborne qualified veterans to join our ranks.

We are the sponsors of the 82nd Airborne Division Memorial Highway which is the Route 20 connector to Bradley International Airport. The Chapter members and dignitaries were joined by Colonel David Petraeus in 2000 to dedicate the highway. The Chapter also serves as the liaison for the acquisition of Paratrooper license plates for the State of CT Dept of Motor Vehicles.

We are also the sponsors of the annual Big Rumble which is held every September in Northwest Park, Windsor, CT. The Rumble is the largest gathering of Airborne Paratroopers in New England and is free of charge to all Paratroopers and their friends and families. Food, libations, and above all else Airborne Camaraderie are provided this year on Saturday, September 22, 2018.

Airborne, All the way!

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